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15 de noviembre de 2010

Los orígenes de la música: materiales

The Origins of Music

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Natural Bases of Scales

On line Essay: http://www.greenwych.ca/natbasis.htm

And: http://www.greenwych.ca/cycl-5-2.htm"The 7-Note Solution"

Books: Origin of Music



Origin of Music: Told in the Music of R. Strauss

On line:  http://www.greenwych.ca/2001-1.htm

Study of Oldest Known Song

Harmony in ancient music

On line:  http://www.greenwych.ca/evidence.htm
Internationally-famous award-winning essay:

Oldest Known Musical Instrument:

"Neanderthal flute," (+ world-wide debate & correspondence from leading anthropologists, archaeologists, ethnomusicologists etc.)

Essay is on line: http://www.greenwych.ca/fl-compl.htm

ESSAY (Order information for hard-copy version)


World's first known fully-playable prehistoric flute

On line:  http://www.greenwych.ca/fl3debat.htm#From

and ensuing discussion:


Role of Drone & Counterpoint

in history of Harmony

On line:  http://www.greenwych.ca/drone.htm

Psychology (clipping): How babies react to dissonance & consonance

On line:  http://www.greenwych.ca/babies.htm


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