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14 de marzo de 2012

Mussorgsky: Cuadros de una exposición, por Emerson Lake & Palmer / ELP

Live concert of ELP in 1971 performing "Pictures At An Exhibition" of Modest Mussorgsky.

Keith Emmerson - keyboard
Greg Lake -Bass, guitar, vocals
Carl Palmer - drums/percussion

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, also known as ELP, are an English progressive rock supergroup. They found success in the 1970s and sold over forty million albums and headlined large stadium concerts. The band consists of Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (bass guitar, vocals, guitar) and Carl Palmer (drums, percussion). They are one of the most commercially successful progressive rock bands and from the outset focused on combining classical pieces with rock music.

Pictures at an Exhibition (Russian: Картинки с выставки -- Воспоминание о Викторе Гартмане, Kartinki s vystavki -- Vospominaniye o Viktore Gartmane, "Pictures from an Exhibition -- A Remembrance of Viktor Hartmann") is a famous suite in ten movements composed for piano by Modest Mussorgsky in 1874.The suite is Mussorgsky's most famous piano composition, and has become a showpiece for virtuoso pianists. It has also become known through various orchestrations and arrangements produced by other musicians and composers, with Ravel's arrangement being the most recorded and performed

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